Friday, February 27, 2009

Too busy to blog?

Life goes on and we have read so many great books.
Henry is in love with Madlenka by Peter Sis and we
picked up Ellie McDoodle last night which is a graphic
novel not unlike Diary of Wimpy Kid but from a girl's
p.o.v. We still have not gone back to How to Steal a Dog.
It creates an unmentioned mystery between the three of
us, but I like that so much. For her birthday, I gave a
copy of Fashion Kitty to Henry's friend Chloe, and I
want ten copies for myself. This is the perfect girl book gift.
You have to see this book!

Tuesday night we went to see a memorial for Odetta
at Riverside Church. Now I am fascinated by Maya Angelou.
She may actually be GOD. I am not joking. The things she says,
the way she sounds. If she started a church, I would go.
Speaking of GOD--Pete Seeger was there and I stalked him
taking lousy pictures with an i phone. Someone laughed at the
idea of stalking Pete Seeger, but it seemed very natural to me.
He is turning 90, or already has, and when he goes, I think
my childhood will officially be over. I took him for granted when
I was little. He came to Unitarian coffee houses
in churches in Massachusetts.I thought he was sort of
old fashioned--and yet I think I knew that
he was also someone very very important and true.
Now I am riveted and want to sing with him day and night.
Has any singer ever been able to compel the other
people in the room to join in? So effortlessly?
Asking others to sing becomes a part of his lyrics.
My kids don't listen to him, but your kids should.
But they are going to have to now and then.
Pete! Stay with us!

I just had a snack with a sculpter who is putting
together a bookof photographs of the middle of
Australia, and these photos... jeesh!
They are truly other worldy. I thought:
It's like MARS or someplace far a way.

Sorry to be so fast but life is steamrolling
me and I will add pictures of the books and
Pete Seeger later on!


  1. Hey Jill,
    I love that you blog about what you're reading with your kids. It takes me back. I now read in close proximity, perhaps even on the same couch, as my teenage and adult kids - but rarely do I get to read to them. Unless of course I'm reading them the newspaper (a morning habit I inherited from my mom) - which they love, not!

    And from a previous post, I LOVE that you often break out in British accents. Here in the Reidy house we've traveled the globe vocally - albeit badly sometimes. Next you'll have to try speaking fake languages in airports or theme parks. It's way fun!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Jill, This is from your mother.
    I just read your latest "blogging" and it is now clear to me why we don't chat as much as we used to.
    You are too busy blogging...It is okay, I understand: Why express yourself with one person when you can do so with many others.
    Bumping into the silversmith was quite the experience for all of you and what an education! The photos of Gus and Hen are beautiful.
    I will be arriving on 6/15 in time to see Gus on 6/16. Wei Wei and her 10 yr. old daughter may accompany me for a couple of days and I am hoping Dad will come for the weekend. His last summer school class is 6/19.
    I am so glad you read Snowflower and the Magic Fan as I asked you to. I am passing it around to many of my "mah jongg" friends, some of whom have already read it as well.
    I want to let all your blog friends now that my baby will be 42 next week (4/23), and I can hardly believe it since I look 42 and Jill looks 22. Happy Birthday in advance and enjoy the rest of your East Hampton vacation.
    Love, Your mother